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Guji Natural

Guji Natural

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Coffee from the Guji Highland Coffee Plantation thrives in natural, semi-forest areas at soaring altitudes that reach 2,000 to 2,150masl. Established in 2012, the estate follows strict technical guidelines for production and engages additional smallholders in the surrounding area with training and guidance. 

In the natural process, only the ripest coffee cherries are harvested. The entire procedure requires thorough planning because drying naturals is a slow process that can take up to four weeks. Coffee cherries are dried whole, without removing any of the fruit. During this stage, the coffee is turned regularly to increase airflow, support even drying, and prevent spoilage. After the cherries have been dried, the seeds (or coffee beans) are removed from the fruit and prepared for export.

More Info

Region: Region Oromia, Guji Zone
Process: Dry / Natural:
Elevation: 2000-2150 MASL
Varietals: Heirloom varieties

Starting Points

Filter: 17:1
Espresso: 2.5:1