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Athena is a rotating blend of coffees that are chosen for sweetness, depth, and balanced acidity. It is deep enough to shine in milk drinks, yet complex and nuanced as an espresso. It's great as a cold brew (we use it for our nitro) and works well as filter coffee that stands up to cream and sugar. It's as close to an 'omni-roast' as we've ever tasted.

Athena is currently a blend of 3 dry processed coffees. It's approximately two thirds Bourbon and Mondo Novo from the the Mogiana region of Brazil to give it a luscious, chocolatey base. The last third is a blend of indigenous varietals grown in Ethiopia and Yemen. These last 2 components bring ripe red fruits and berries to the party. 

We are very excited about this current iteration of Athena and we can't wait for you to try it.

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Roasted for:
Filter, Espresso, or Cold Brew

Brazil, Ethiopia, and Yemen

Dry / Natural