Our Story

We have always had a passion for coffee and we share some common memories with most coffee lovers. Your first taste of coffee; your first latte; your first corporate chain latte; your first single origin coffee; your first blueberry cup from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Each of these experiences pulled you further into the coffee community. Our goal is to provide you with new and even better coffee memories.

After more than half decade of climbing the corporate ladder in Denver, CO, Paul and his wife, Lesly, decided to hit the reset button. Their plan was to move back to the New River Valley in Virginia to start a family and bring the Third Wave coffee experience back with them. This includes a focus on higher quality coffees, more skillfully roasted beans, and a superior customer experience.

They began a year long 1980's style montage of coffee training, education, tastings, and planing in preparation to move. They worked their regular jobs during the day, then burned through 5lbs of coffee and countless gallons of milk at night during espresso practice. After securing a great spot in Christiansburg, VA, they began their build-out and opened the first Idego Coffee. They are now excited to be moving to a new location in Historic Downtown Blacksburg, VA, just off the Virginia Tech campus by the Blacksburg Farmers Market.

Looking forward, we intend to continue our search for better coffee and to promote great coffee through great service.