Our Coffee

  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters

We are a multi-roaster espresso and coffee bar. This means we spend a significant amount of time searching for and selecting the best coffees from the best roasters. This allows us to ensure we only provide exceptional coffees in our brewed drinks and in our whole bean coffees for sale.

Selecting the right coffee roasters is a huge part of ensuring quality coffee. We put our trust in them to source only the best green coffee that was grown well, harvested at its peak, and processed with care. After being roasted perfectly, it's up to us brew each coffee to its full potential.

We look for City to Full City roasts, which is the magic time between First Crack and Second Crack. Roasting a full, richly flavored coffee without relying on adding 'roasty' flavors that come with Second Crack takes a lot of skill and care. The result is a coffee that highlights the inherent flavors of the bean and its origin while still being immediately recognizable and enjoyable to even those of us just looking for 'a good cup'. Lighter roasts don't need to be weak or sour, that's just the result of bad roasting or brewing.


Ceremony Coffee Roasters is simply doing light roasts better than anyone else we've found. Their coffees are wonderfully flavorful and interesting, without being sour or acidic. We suggest slowing your brew down with their coffees to bring out the rich sweetness they are able to create.


Madcap Coffee is committed to buying, roasting, and retailing, specialty coffees. They believe that, to do that well, they must build strong relationships with all of the people who participate in bringing coffees to their roastery. By respecting and fostering those relationships, Madcap is better able to ensure the highest quality through monitoring and nurturing the coffee seed at every stage of its life. Their job is complete when that coffee hits your cup. Whether you are simply enjoying your morning brew or you're fine-tuning and obsessing over your coffee's nuances, you can trust that Madcap is roasting and presenting the best they can offer.


Mountain Air Roasting is a micro-roaster of specialty coffees based in Asheville, North Carolina. They source coffees from East Africa and the Americas that can be generally characterized as bright, clean, and sweet. These coffees are the literal fruit of careful farming, picking, and processing practices. Coffee is brightest, cleanest, and sweetest while still fresh crop, and so has a limited time window of excellence. They roast these special coffees in such a way to maximize ripe fruit like qualities in the cup.